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TCES Community is community euqipment software, an integrated suite of products which gives control of your own equipment procurement.

The proven solution provides the platform to handle prescription, self-funders, complex equipment, direct supply or a hybrid of all. We have over 20 years of experience in community equipment services and a customer portfolio of over 60 local authorities, providers and suppliers.

Providing services to over 1.4 million service users across the UK.

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TCES Community Wheelchair

TCES Community Wheelchair manages and automates the entire process from referral to issue, constantly highlighting risk and priority based on the NHS 18-week initiative - ensuring your service users have a smooth transition from referral to clinic.

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Pro-Cloud BlueLight

Pro-Cloud BlueLight is specialist emergency service web based software born from our trusted market leading Pro-Cloud asset management and logistic solution. BlueLight will track and trace all assets, manage equipment maintenance and monitor your workforce.

The solution is fully 'field operational' allowing in field after use testing.

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Pro-Cloud Fleet

Pro-Cloud Fleet is the complete package, ensuring you are always aware of driver locations, important vehicle maintenance indications and real-time routing. Obtain past and present data and analyse your fleet with ease.

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