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Manage and track your items through the use of a centralised asset management platform

Pro-Cloud Collections is our dedicated asset management platform utilised in museums and media archiving centres. Asset tracking through the use of advanced barcode tracking is at the platforms core, ensuring asset movements, where assets are stored and located are always recorded. Whether your item is being moved from one location or to multiple Pro-Cloud will keep track of it all, providing a full audit trail of each asset and groups of assets.

Pro-Cloud is a cloud-based system that is designed to connect to any network via WIFI or Cellular 4G, if there is an insufficient connection activity and key asset information will be stored until a connection is made.

To ensure every asset movement is accurately recorded we recommend a variety of handheld devices that work seamlessly with Pro-Cloud.

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if required Pro-Cloud has the capability of integrating with a variety of external sources, enabling data to be exchanged bewteeen your systems. Having systems that communicate effectively will assist your personnel in their everyday working lives, and through the use of Pro-Cloud's mobile app job schedules will be automated for your users and updated in real-time.

The BBC Archives department have been using Pro-Cloud as their stock management platform, archiving and managing over 7 million physical media assets across multiple locations around the UK for over 2 years.

BBC Testimonial

Pro-Cloud Collections enables complete flexibility to scale with your organisation, offering unlimited licence numbers at no further cost.


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