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Routes can be set up in extremely flexible ways; postcode groups can be managed, as well as activity types, speed of response, products, two person tasks and alternative technicians.

Pro-Cloud will optimise routing and scheduling, monitor deliveries and maximise driver and vehicle efficiency, bringing significant cost savings and ensuring customers receive a highly proficient, visible and responsive service.

  • Full vehicular route optimisation with GPRS route monitoring
  • Real time GPS tracking linked to activity completion and technicians
  • Flexible timeslot allocations
  • Route flexibility depending on factors such as postcode groups and activity types
  • Diary style system ensuring localised mapping together of activities
  • Fleet forecasting
  • Real-time visibility of where vehicles are in the country and inevitably the assets and people associated to the vehicle
  • Increased routing efficiencies
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Improved customer service



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